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Consider me your affiliate marketing crash test dummy!  Together, we’ll discover what works in 2017 by aggressively testing everything.  We’ll take risks, build on our strengths, minimize or outsource our weaknesses and have fun while doing it!  I’m all about speed so let’s move fast and break shit.

I’ve been in the online marketing space for about 9 years now. The bulk of that time was spent banging my head over figuring out what works and what doesn’t. I’ve spent thousands of dollars online “getting my education”, and I was borderline depressed with trying to separate helpful advice from total bullshit.

“Building a great business isn’t just about making a lot of money, it’s also about building a great you in the process.”Ryan Harper

Why Should I Listen To You?

I’ve spent over 5,000 hours studying neuro-linguistic programming, the art of persuasion, ethical and unethical marketing techniques (results right?) and the list goes on and on. From my perspective, it only makes sense to fight fire with fire to not only survive in this space, but also come out winning.

No, I’m not a millionaire but I have made real money online and I want to teach you the pure, raw, unfiltered way of doing the same without spending long months or years  trying to figure shit out. I truly have a passion for seeing people realize their goals and dreams. Otherwise, what’s the point right? I want to help people be able to spend more time with their kids, their spouse and be there for those important moments in life. This is why I can effortlessly bleed so much value into what I teach.  My personal convictions are what drives me to approach affiliate marketing from a “take no prisoners” approach.

The truth is, if you don’t know what you’re doing, it can be really hard making money online. Sometimes it can take months or even years before you start seeing good cash flow. *cough!* SEO Sucks *cough!* SEM is dead *cough*. If you want to accelerate that process, you’re going to have to spend money. Go back and read that again. If that scares you, please exit this website now. You stand to gain, but you also stand to lose. The good news is I can teach you how to minimize your losses and maximize your gains by helping you develop winning campaign strategies.  Just like  “you can’t become a black belt in Kung Fu by reading a bunch of books“, it’s understandable why personal experience can take you farther  than any blog, website or guru can. I’m here to help, so let’s move fast and break things together.

Decide. Commit. Succeed.